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Welcome College Hoops Fans!

A little history on who I am and what we’re looking to accomplish here. I hope you can agree that there is nothing better than College Basketball. Whether you’re a die hard or just someone who casually joins in during March Madness, I wanted to create an interactive site that allows the fans opinions to be involved. Three years ago I created a twitter handle that was @ncaahoopsguru. The handle had over 4,000 followers in just a four month span due to the fun nature as well as the interaction other people were able to have. I had a sweet job at the time that allowed me to be all in on things such as Bracketology, Podcasts, and blog posts. It was a ton of fun! With new sites, such as and better Bracketology resources than ever before I am able to get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time so I wanted to get this thing going again.

One of the things that frustrates me the most about college basketball is the coverage that it gets. The volume of coverage is GREAT for the sport, don’t get me wrong. However the perceptions of how college basketball works from an analyst perspective is done very poorly in my opinion. Just last week the NCAA selection committee released their top 16 teams. Commentators on ESPN, CBS, and CBS Sports Network spent time tearing apart the top 16. Comments such as “I don’t know what the committee is thinking” were said. The committee actually did a pretty dang good job given the criteria. Frustrating as it is, the people commentating on college basketball are the ones who often have no idea or don’t seem to care how the process of the NCAA selection committee works.

So, thats where this comes in. A site for people to interact, ask questions, and truly understand what makes college basketball great. Getting good information all season long that will hopefully allow you to enjoy the journey that is the college basketball season!

You can now follow along on twitter at @HeaveFromHalf

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